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DIY Life Detox

“When you take the step towards your dreams you will be met with fears because you have never traveled this way before. As you go, you will discover the you had nothing to fear. Through overcoming your fears you give those that follow you hope that if they pursue their dreams, they will achieve their dreams.” – E’yen A. Gardner

We are all familiar with doing a bit of Spring Cleaning around this time of year. Cleaning out every inch of our home to cleanse for the new season, but what about your own personal “Self Cleaning?”

I think we can all agree that at some point we just need a good ol detox, inside and out. From your inner core to the aura around you, giving yourself a mind, body & soul cleanse may be just what we need to shed off some of that toxic juju to create a new flow of energy, life, and habits.

With a new move coming up for me in May, I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to detoxify & start a brand new chapter of my life. I have come up with a Life Detox Plan which implements changes to make in your life to detoxify your Mind, Body, Soul, Space & Social Life. With these tools and information you will be able to alter and improve the way you live your life adding peace and happiness. *This post is going to be a bit longer but please hang in there, I promise it’s worth it :)*


For many, being able to quiet the mind from so much chaos, whether it be from parenting, work, financial troubles, or relationships it can be quiet difficult to take a moment to just not think. One rewarding way to quiet the mind is to dig yourself into a good book. Reading a good self help book or something that peaks your interest can really turn off all those negative thoughts you may be consumed by. One method I learned is proper breathing from the diaphragm. This can help you by increasing oxygen in red blood cells reducing stress hormones such as cortisol. Learning this type of breathing is also essential in practicing meditation. A few other great ways to detox and lower stress are:

  • Meditation
  • Writing in a Journal
  • Listening to Positive Affirmations
  • Nature walks
  • Hot oil/ herb baths
  • Working on a DIY project
  • Lighting a Himalayan Salt lamp

Himalayan Salt lamps are a great form of detoxing and cleansing all aspects of mind, body, soul and space. With some in depth research I have found this to be my all around favorite method. (Look out for an upcoming post on benefits and DIY for Himalayan Salt lamps.)


There are a ton of body cleanses out there that can help you with detoxing any part of your body. Here are a few of my favorites that can be added to your daily routine in your detox journey.

  • Cinnamon Tea (Morning)
  • Ginger Tea (mid-day)
  • Turmeric Tea (night time)
  • Activated Charcoal (Mask, Teeth whitening and Body Soap) (*upcoming post)
  • 30 Min Workout
  • Foot/Body Detox (*upcoming post)
  • Daily Lemon Water
  • Maple Syrup Colon Cleanse
  • Daily Wellness tonic (*upcoming post)
  • Lots of Water

soulCleansing the soul is one of the most important parts of fully detoxing your life. I feel like without this step the life detox is pointless. So let’s hop right into it…

  • Give your past closure. Understand that the past is right where it needs to be,.. in the past. Acknowledge that what’s done is done and moving forward is the only option. Dwelling will never changing or solve anything. Move forward, utilize these life lessons, make better choices and do not regret your path. 
  • Show yourself love. Love on you!! No one will ever love you like you!
  • Set a moment to show gratitude each day. Be humble & grateful for every moment and blessing life brings.
  • Stop negative self talk! If you do not like something or know in your heart something is not for you, don’t try to convince yourself otherwise. Know your worth and be straight up to yourself, about yourself. Don’t lie to yourself just to make yourself feel better.
  • Be gracious
  • Sign up for a Yoga class
  • Sleep to soothing sounds

spaceWhile detoxing the soul is the most important, detoxing your living space is my favorite. Detoxification of your space is essential for “keeping the peace.” What good is a detox if you don’t manage to keep it cleansed. Having a home or space to go to where you feel great is the highlight of anyones day. For detoxing your space try the following:

  • Painting. Add some color and character to your space. A little color can go a long way.
  • Smudge Sticks! Nothing says Zen like a good smudge session (*upcoming post)
  • Essential oils aroma/ diffuser
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp (*upcoming post)
  • Deep natural cleaning (*upcoming post)
  • Air cleansing house plants (*upcoming post)
  • Homemade candle-less scents (*upcoming post)
  • Hang Eucalyptus in shower
  • Create a home cleaning/cleansing routine

socialLast but not least, I know I know this is long.. hang in there we are in sight of the finish line!

With social media playing a huge roll in everyones life it’s easy to get caught up in the negativity of it all. Let’s detox that social media account.

  • Delete, Hide, Unfriend, Unfollow. At times it can be hard to separate yourself from people, especially in cases when your family; but sometimes it needs to be done. Although everyone lives their own life, listening or seeing someone constantly going through the same drama can be draining. Now i’m not saying dump people just because they’re going through rough times, everyone needs somebody but attempting to give all the advice you can while they refuse to make a change and complain of the same constant thing can be extremely draining and can also transfer that energy into your life. If you feel that the relationship has reached this point, it’s time to love from a distance. Negative energy is easily transferred so avoid the negativity at all costs. 
  • Unfollow Negative people. 
  • Turn off social media notifications so you wont feel impulsed to look at that comment or “like” right away.
  • Charge your phone in a different room. Charging your phone in a different room allows you to wake up and not have your phone be the first thing you look at. As a Blogger, I know its hard but definitely not impossible.
  • Leave your phone in the car when your out at dinner.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. You act like the 5 closest people to you so be sure you make it count. 

Unlike other “Life Detox” regiments i’ve come across, I hope this one gave you a full 360 range of detoxing your life. Please feel free to contact me or comment sharing your experience with your life detoxing journey.

Happy detoxing ♥

The Dreamrr

(*DISCLAIMER*) The information, on this website is for informational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or general advice or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

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