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Nutty over Nut Milk! How to make Nut Milk

Featured Photo Credit: thethermoqueen

Nut milk has become a new favorite of mine & need I say… many others as well. This alternative has been popping up all over vegan blogs with recipes & how to step by step guides to making this delicious milk. After doing some research I’ve come across dozens of unique flavors that are sure to add a tasty twist to shakes, smoothies and even ICE CREAM!

How is nut milk made?

Although requiring a process, nut milk is fairly easy to make. First, take one cup of your choice nut and place them in a bowl to soak for required time. (see soak chart below) Depending on the nut type you will need to allow them to soak to remove all chemicals that are spread from harvesting. These chemicals prevent sprouting while they are not harmful to consume, they block the human body from properly absorbing the good nutrients and minerals nuts provide and also make it a bit more difficult to digest.

nut soaking chart

After soaking your nuts for its appropriate time drain the water and dump it….. (okay let’s all just take a moment to laugh about all these soaking nuts hahahaha…) DO NOT reuse the water as it’s filled with chemicals taken from the nuts. Rinse and place the nuts in your blender. Add 3-4 cups of water, a pinch of salt and a sweetener  or flavors of your choice. (honey, maple, agave, sugar etc.) Blend at a high speed until milk is fully blended. When that is complete grab your cheesecloth and strain the pulp out of your milk into a jar or container. I prefer glass as it give a really nice chilled taste a bit quicker. Chill your milk in the refrigerator for 1-3 hours or until cold. Before use you may have to shake it as it can sometimes separate. But there you have it! Nut milk! Below I have few recipes I found coming in a future post. Make sure to try and let me know what your favorite nut milk combo is ! Happy Milking 🙂

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